April 1, 2020


Happy April 1st! 
Let's hope this is the last month of no gym :) 
Anyone got any good books...getting bored over here! 

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
Run 400m
20 Jumping Jacks 
30 Mountain Climbers

2 Rounds 
10 Reverse Sit Ups 
10 V-Ups 
10 Star Fish Sit Ups (right and left =1 rep)

50-40-30 reps of: Kettlebell Swings or hang cleans or lunges 
25-20-15 Reps of: Burpee Box Jumps (or step up)

March 31, 2020


Update your Miles for March Here!
Please text Nikki directly if you make the 50 mile march! We don’t want anyone left out! 
Saturday's Zoom workout was fun! Hope to have more people this week! 
Check out our YouTube Channel for WOD Demos
Warm Up:
Run 1 Mile 
Light Stretching
20 Walking Lunges 

Deadlift Practice 

**Use whatever you got! Bar, DB's, KB 
start light and work up 

For Time :
3 Rounds 
30 Push Ups 
30 Power Snatch (DB or light BB)

Rest 1 Min 

2 Rounds 
50 Russian Twist (weighted if you can)
50 Push Press (BB OR DB)

Rest 1 Min 

1 Rounds 
100 Goblet Squat (hold plate, kb, or db or barbell on back) 
200 Double Unders 

**You can sub movements if you don't have equipment! 

March 30, 2020


March is almost over... Who's hit 50 miles!! 
Here's to a new week of at home workouts! 
Don't forget to check out the demo Here
If you any questions! 

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
1 Min Double Unders or singles 
1 Min Sit Ups 
1 Min Burpees 

For Time:
10 Burpees 

10 Burpees 
25 Shoulder Taps 

10 Burpees 
25 Shoulder Taps 
50 Lateral Lunges (in skill last week)

10 Burpees 
25 Shoulder Taps 
50 Lateral Lunges 
100 Sit Ups 

10 Burpees 
25 Shoulder Taps 
50 Lateral Lunges 
100 Sit Ups 
150 Air Squats 

3..2...1..GO :) 
**Jackie's training partner! 

March 28, 2020


Going to try a live workout from Recoil starting at 8am! 
The only issue is we only get 30 min 
So let's start our meeting at 8:30 and from 8-8:30 you need to decide your movements! 

Here's the outline of the workout.. you can do any movements you like! We all have different equipment so you have to fill-in your own blanks! 

Max Effort Reps in 1 Min 

3 Rounds 

Min 1: ?
Min 2: ?
Min: 3 Rest 
Min 4: ?
Min 5: ?
Min 6: Rest 

**we did something like this just a little while ago so everyone should be familiar with the programming 
 Pick your movements and be ready to go at 8:30 

Join the Meeting on zoom from your laptop or phone
Join Here
Please figure out how to mute yourself 😎

March 27, 2020


Well we've made it a week! 
Remember to check out WOD demos and stretching videos 
Update your miles for March on a live google spread sheet too!
Do that ... Here!

Warm Up:
Listen to song "Bring Sally Up" 
by Moby 
*every time it says bring sally up and down... air SQUAT! 

OPEN GYM... or Home gym for that matter! 

We want you to create fun workout today or... you can fill in the blanks on the one we made for you

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of
**Pick 3 movements... make sure to tag us in you workout and take a pic of what you are doing! 

March 26, 2020


How did we do with yesterdays workout?? 
Head on over to our YouTube Channel and check out today's 
WOD demo Click Here
Thinking of doing a live workout Saturday morning 8am together on zoom, it's a free app
who wants in?? Text Nikki!

Warm Up:
Run 400 or 200 Single Jumps 
EMOM for 5 min 
10 Squats 
5 Burpees 

2 Rounds
12 Shoulder Taps 
12 Lateral Lunges (see demo) 
12 Thrusters (use whatever weight you got, start light and increase if you can) 

in 16 Min of:
200m Farmer Carry 
15 Hang Power Snatch (DB or BB)
30 Walking Lunges (plate overhead or DB's to the side) 

**old picture... don't panic 

March 25, 2020


Everyone is doing a great job this week! 
Let's keep it going!
Link to today's workout demo Here
You best be still running... Gabie has made us a google spread sheet to keep up!
Thanks Gabie!!! When you guys hit 50 text Nikki!!!
You can edit your numbers Here

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
30 Jumping Jacks 
10 Jump Squats 
5 Inchworm into Push Ups 

Run 1 Mile.... move it... record your time (we wanna know!)

5 Rounds 
5 Diamond Push Ups 
5 Regular Width Push Ups 
5 Wide Push Ups 
(if you can't do standard push ups go from your knees)
10 Split Leg Squats (go off chair or box, 5 per leg)
10 Squat Jumps 
10 Pistols (5 per leg if you can't do this movement try lowering down on 1 leg and standing back up with 2 legs)
15 V-Ups
15 Glute Bridges 
15 Hollow Rock (work that core) 

Rest 5 Min 

Run 1 Mile :)