Try CrossFit Free today!  
Think CrossFit  isn't for you?? At Recoil we are just average everyday people looking for a fun and different workout! We offer a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for ANYONE to workout and learn in! Less than 10 people in a class and only 3 coaches on staff! We will get to know you and your goals. We have helped members lose over 60lbs and learn how to keep it off! We also teach nutrition and smart eating! 

Personal Training: Looking for a kickstart? Work with a trainer 1 on 1 for some intense workouts.  
We offer personal training for $50 an hour! To Learn functional movements that will make you stronger and burn calories!!!
*We also train teens and young adults. We have helped kids get stronger, faster, and more coordinated for their sport! 

Classes held Monday through Saturday

Monthly Unlimited- $135
Private Training -$50/hr
On Ramp $120 (3 intro classes with coach)
Drop-in Fee - $20
Military, Police, Fire, and Multi-month discounts available

*now accepting credit cards, fee applies

Our monthly fee is for unlimited use. We are open 6 days a week and you can attend up to one class a day! Those new to CrossFit are welcome to come check out the gym and try a WOD (workout of the day) for FREE. On-ramps are required for anyone new to CrossFit! On-ramp is a 3 session intro to CrossFit! Let's you see if Recoil is the place for you, if you like CrossFit workouts, and gives the trainers a better idea of how to help you get healthy! On Ramps are scheduled private with trainer, a awesome learning experience plus workout!  Call today with any questions (714)595-4714