Think CrossFit is not for you... Think Again! Here are just a few of our amazing members and their stories!

 Art stopped by one afternoon in April 2015, he had seen the CrossFit Games on TV and wanted to see what it was all about. At 65 years old and walking with a cane, Art wanted to make a change in his life. He struggled with weight issues, diabetes, bilateral knee injury, torn rotator cuffs in shoulders, and poor flexibility. Needless to say, he had some work in front of him! 
    After explaining that CrossFit was all about functional fitness and completely scalable for anyone at any level, we agreed he could start the following morning at 8am. Thinking that we would never see him again, in he walked the next morning with a smile on his face and determination in his heart. He started with a few weeks of personal training, so we could spend some better 1 on 1 time with him and he could feel comfortable. 9 months later Art is able to walk without a cane, lowered doses of his diabetes medication, and can air squat below parallel! He loves jogging and core work and is not a huge fan of the rowing machine but puts a smile on his face when Nikki makes him row.  We started very slowly with basic stretches, sitting down to a box, and standing up. We needed to get his hips to open up slowly and stretch out so we could see if he could squat.  Art may never be able to do box jumps but he can definitely still build and strengthen all the muscles in his legs and butt by doing steps ups! Art comes to our yoga class every Thursday night and has seen a MAJOR change in his flexibility.  He couldn't even stand up straight when he first walked in! 
                 "I was intimidated to start CrossFit  but enjoy the support from my classmates and coaches! I love the scaled workouts from Nikki according to my needs." 
Art  Ramirez 
65 years  old 
Retired Truck Driver

 We met Ray in December 2010 when he was 32 years old and about 60lbs overweight! Ray wasn't a big workout kind of guy, he preferred playing video games and eating sweets.  After a few tough months and a very slow and simple start, he is one of the strongest guys in our gym!
      Ray had major back surgery in 2002 and felt that working out could hurt his back again. We started with body weight movements at a comfortable pace so he could ease into getting in shape. Within a few weeks Ray could see major differences in his energy level and his body shape. We strengthened his core to help stabilize his back and made sure that any movement he did was correct whether he was lifting weights or doing a body weight air squat! Soon his jog around the building turned into half a mile without having to stop and catch his breath.  At Recoil we scale workouts when you first start to make sure your body can handle the change and that you learn the correct movements. Ray said that, "everyone was more interested in helping me succeed!"
    "Recoil has made me stronger at everyday activities that apply to normal life. I have no problem going out and getting to play with my kids, as well as working a fairly physical job 6 days a week!"

                            Ray Hollenbeck 
38 years old 
Husband and Father of 3

   "Recoil has helped me change my life by helping give me something to look forward to in the form of exercise." These are words that Lisa didn't think she would ever say. "Look forward" and "exercise" in the same sentence. She came to us in March of 2015 looking for a place that could get her a good workout and teach her how to lift weights properly.  It had been over a year since she had worked out because she had her first child. Ready to get back at it, we started her with body weight exercises to engage her muscles and get things moving again. After completing her on ramp (3 introduction classes with trainer) we kept workouts very scaled and achievable for her. Nothing feels good if you can't  finish it and get all frustrated at yourself! 
   After sometime with us Lisa set some goals for herself. First goal was to make it thru a class without (in her words) dying, then it was make it thru a class and finish the complete workout.  Soon it became adding more weight in workouts, box jumps, and headstands! After conquering ALL OF THOSE GOALS, she learned to become comfortable at Recoil.  As for baby weight... it's slowly slipping away! All of her clothing is starting to fit better and her energy level is up! 

"CrossFit = intimidation to me. I had checked out a different CrossFit location and new it wasn't for me. However, when I went to Recoil for my first class Nikki was nothing but supportive! The other members were encouraging and there was no "ego" or "judgement" in the room. Coaches focus on scaling workouts for each member and everyone is supported equally whether they are the strongest person in the room or the newbie!"
Lisa Mills
Mother/34 years old
CrossFitting for 1 year


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