Welcome to Crossfit Recoil! 
Los Alamitos's first, and may we say, best Crossfit box! We have been open since June 2010 and going to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary!  We're an established box, with some great core members. It is our goal to always maintain a personable relationship with each and every one of our members. We feel CrossFit is for anyone who wants to be healthy and work on functional fitness. Our members age ranges goes from 12-74 years old! No one should feel like that can't get in shape and be healthy!  We love for people in the area to stop by and check out the gym!  If you are travelling and need a box to workout at, please drop in. Feel free to call or email for information or just stop by!

New to CrossFit?? 

Crossfit is functional fitness that one may use in a every day life setting! If you watch ESPN you may have seen the recent "CrossFit Games." Yes, this is the level that you CAN take your fitness too, but you do NOT have to! Here at Recoil we believe that everyone should workout and stay healthy! We have some amazing athletes who compete and push themselves to the limit! We also have some amazing everyday moms and dads who want to better themselves for their families! Our workouts do not have to use heavy weights or grunting and screaming. If you are looking for a good full body workout, in a friendly and fun environment, you have found the place! Come by and try a free workout today or just sit and watch a class! We love new members!!! 




Nikki Rice - Owner/Head Trainer
Nikki has been working as a trainer since 2006. In 2008 she started crossfitting and became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer in 2009.  An athlete her entire life she played volleyball and was part of the swim team in high school. She went to UCI where she played volleyball and studied Psychology. She loves training people who serve our community and nation, how lifestyle changes are not a diet, people shorter than her, and how fitness can be fun!

Favorite girl: Helen

Favorite hero: Michael
Favorite lift: Hang Clean


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (2009)
Crossfit Movement and Mobility Trainer (2012)

Chris Golden - Strong As Stone 

Joined the Army in January of ‘07 and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC in the 82nd Airborne Division. Deployed twice to Afghanistan as a Combat Medic with the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (Red Devils) He was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 and will never forget attempting his first workout! (21-15-9, #135 Cleans and pull-ups) which made him throw up at the end, From then he was hooked! Favorite WOD: Cindy *PR 24 Rds
Outside of the gym he can be found surfing, snowboarding, hiking or skydiving!! He loves riding motorcycles and going to Angel games with his adorable daughter. Definitely not a fan of running, but has recently been forcing himself to run 2-3 times a week.

Favorite Oly Lift: Squats and Deads
CF-L1 Certified/ NASM certified PersonalTrainer
Favorite Ice Cream: Anything with an excessive amount of chocolate!!
Favorite Food: Tacos, all the tacos. 

Casie Hollenbeck - Endurance Guru

Casie is a super Mom of three, runs faster than you, and can do pull-ups. Before finding CrossFit Casie liked to compete in triathlons! She is always up for a long run, and CrossFit has challenged her to become stronger everyday! Casie can sometimes be competitive and has also been confused for a super model! :) 
Favorite girl: Annie
Favorite hero: Griff
Favorite lift: Push press

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (2009)

Crossfit Endurance Trainer

Robert Parker - Bearded Hulk 

Robert has been with Recoil since 2011 and we are excited to have him join our coaching staff! He loves to lift heavy stuff, and is not a huge fan of distance running! Former Marine, Robert knows how to work hard and encourage others to follow! When he's not working out he can be found poolside... or his local fav hangout, yogurtland :). 

Favorite Olympic Lift: Snatch 
Favorite Movements: Wall Climbs and Double Unders 
Favorite Sidekick: Laura & Scout 

CrossFit  Level 1 Trainer: 2016