July 11, 2016


What a great MONDAY!!! 

Happy Birthday Miss Audrey! Thanks for bringing so many smiles and happiness to the 6pm class! You are growing up to be such a great girl!! 

Burpees... Day 31! Hope you did your 30 yesterday! 
Warm Up:
Row 500m
There was this girl named sally... Heck I think they even wrote a song about her.. 
Air Squats 
Plank to Push Up

Squat Cleans (GROSS)
start light and let's see how heavy you can get! 

4 Rounds for time of:
15 Pull Ups 
9 Back Squats (185/115#)
7 Toes to Bar
1 Min Air Squat Hold 

***6pm Class will be doing this a little differently :) 

**Hey.. today's 7-11... I think it's free slurpee day!!! 

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