January 5, 2017


Join us Monday for our Open House to kick off the new year! Do you want to be part of the 6 week weight-loss challenge?? Come weigh in between 4-7pm Tuesday January 10th! Winner gets $50 off March dues! Challenge runs Jan 10- Feb 14th! 
Warm Up:
Row 400m
EMOM for 6 Min:
8 Squat Jumps 
5 Kettlebell Swings (35/26#)
5 Push Ups 

3 Weighted Pull Ups (hold dumbbell between legs) 
3 Strict Pull Ups (drop dumbbell / DO NOT drop off bar)
5 Kipping Pull Ups 
**GOAL.....STAY on pull up bar for ALL pull ups :) Bet you can't do it

2 Rounds for time of:
20 Ring Dips
20 Pull Ups 
20 Shoulder Press (95/65#) no rack
EMOM 3 Burpees... 

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