May 25, 2017


Got to love Recovery Days! Grab those headphones, this is the only time they are allowed!

Warm Up:
Stretch it out! Yesterday was a tough... let's foam 
roll and stretch out that body! 

3 Rounds 
1 Min plank
30 Russian Twist (20/15# slam ball)
20 Leg Lifts (holding 25/15# plate over chest) 

Run 5k 
Row 5k
**Do not skip today due to the cardio/running! Just come in and do a mile then row some (or something). This is a great way to give your body some active recovery from the week! 

**This Saturday we are closed dues to Regionals! Come with us down to Del Mar Fair Grounds to watch some CRAZY CrossFit Athletes! 
**Memorial Day Details: Recoil opens at 7:30am, first round of Murph will be 7:50am second round will start 8:20am. There will be a 75 min cap for the WOD. Pot Luck sign up sheet is on white board, Pool Party at Jerry and Nikki's house 12pm, we will provide pizza, 
family and kids welcome!

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