January 5, 2016


See... Monday wasn't so bad!

Warm Up:
Row/Run 800m
3 Rounds
10 Inch Worms (straight legs)
10 Straight Leg DL w/ KB (35/26#)

AMRAP in 10 Min:
Row 10 Calories
10 Burpee Over Barbell
10 Hang SQUAT Clean (95/65#)

Rest 2 Min

AMRAP in 10 Min:
10 Push Press (95/65#)
10 T2B
10 Push Ups

*January Newsletter comes out tomorrow! Check your inbox!
** Yoga/Mobility starts again Thursday! 6pm! Come give it a try... really helpful for flexibility!
*** Did someone say body fat?? Dunk tank is visiting Recoil of Feb. 8th. Let's see where we are and start a little competition!?

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