February 9, 2016


Hope you got amazing results from your body fat test... if you didn't... now is the time to set a goal and get fit by summer! I'll help you all the way! Don't forget diet is a MAJOR part of a fit body! Let's set a time to sit down and talk about your diet and some better options for meals and snacks :)

Warm Up:
Run 1 Mile
1 min Plank Hold
20 Knee to Elbow (while holding plank on floor)
Run 800m

Front Squat! 1 Rep Max!
Remember our front squat probably won't be as strong as your back squat, but we can work on it! Keep those elbows up when in the bottom the squat and be sure to send that weight back in your HEELS!!! Chest up!

Row 500m
50 GHD Sit Ups
Row 1000m
30 GHD Sit Ups
Row 2000m
20 GHD Sit Ups

Good luck coughing or sneezing tomorrow!

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