March 16, 2016


Who can walk on their hands??

Do you have your green picked out for tomorrow??

Warm Up:
5 Rounds : 200m Row.... Anything over or under you owe me in Kettlebell Swings (35/26#) :)
Run 800m

Handstand Walk??? (no blood please)
**start with wall drill like in video... then use spotter and try lifting hands one at a time
Too scared...
Let's work on handstand push ups then!

6 min
Even min: 8 Front Squats (95/65#)
Odd Min: 20 Sit Ups

Rest 2 Min

6 Min
Even Min: 10 Deadlifts (185/135#)
Odd Min: 8 Burpees

 Days left in the BODY FAT CHALLENGE!!! Who's going to win a FREE MONTH of CrossFit ?

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