May 21, 2016


Running Club starting 6:45am! Summer is coming, time to start burning those extra calories to look good on that summer Vacation!

CrossFit  Workout 8am! Bring a friend to share the torture... I mean "experience" with! :)

Let's have some partner fun!

Deck-O-Cards (AMCAP in 10 Min)
Hearts : Air Squats
Clubs: Sit Ups
Spades: kettlebell swings (35/26#)/ Push Ups
Diamonds: Burpees

Rest 2 Min ... Then...

1 Partner Works at a time!
(10,000/7,000#) Ground To Overhead
Run 400m
(10,000/7,000#) Deadlift
Run 400m

Same Weight Must be used for deadlifts!
Ideas: 10,000= 105 reps at 95#
            7,000 = 108 Reps at 65#

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