July 30, 2016


Running Club Meeting 6:45 ish! Get a few miles in before a AWESOME workout at 8am! 

Guess what... today is day 50 on our Burpee Challenge! Congrats to all that have kept with it, now it's back down to 1!! 

Group Warm Up: 
Something Fun together 

5 Min Core session with Anthony! 

Partner Time!!!
AMRAP in 12 min of...
5 Tire Flips 
10 Toes to Bar 
10 Plank To Push Ups 
*One Partner works while one is running 200m

Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 12 Min of.....
5 Burpees 
10 OH Plate Sit Ups 
8 Thrusters (DB's you pick) 
10 Double Unders 
*One partner works other partner is bear crawling 50ft 

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