December 19, 2016


Christmas is almost here!! Recoil Family Hoiday Dinner Tuesday Night 7pm at Brew Kitchen Ale House! Everyone is welcome! This week is normal schedule but next week is posted below!

Warm Up:
5x 150m Sprints 
*rest 20 Seconds between each round 
15 Air Squats 
10 Burpees 

"Heavy Chipper"
For Time:
19 Calorie Row 
19 HSPU 
19 Pull Ups 
19 Deadlifts (225/185#)
19 Plyo Push Ups 
19 Tire Flips 
19 Calories on Assault Bike 
19 Kettlebell Swings (70/44) 
19 DB Hang Snatch (35/25#)
19 OH Plate Sit Ups (25/15#)
19 Hang Cleans (135/95#)
19 Toes to Bar

Holiday Schedule:
Saturday: Christmas Eve: 12 Days of Christmas WOD 8am
Monday: December 26th Closed (at home workout will be posted) 
Tuesday-Thursday: 8am, 11:30am 4, 5, 6pm only 
Friday: Dec. 30 8am, 4, 5, 6pm only 
New Year's Eve: 8am only 
Monday January 2nd Closed (at home workout will be posted) 
Normal Schedule Return Tuesday January 3rd 

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