January 26, 2017


Who's joining us for Yoga/Mobility tonight at 6pm??!!

Warm Up:
Row 400m
EMOM for 6 min:
8 Slam Balls (15/10#)
16 Russian Twist (15/10#)
5 Push Ups 

Back Squats 
10-10-10-10 (115/75#) 2 second pause for each sqt 

AMRAP in 7 min of:
15 Pull Ups 
10 Deadlifts (225/185#)

Rest 1 Min 

AMRAP in 10 Min of:
30 Double Under 
100ft Burpee Broad Jump 
6 Plyo Push Up

***Family Breakfast run is February 4th! Remember you can run/bike/skate or taxi :) down to Schooner or Later!  This is the 8am workout for Saturday Feb 4th. and we hope all can make it! We will get rides home or we can uber! Bring the kids on their bikes or in a stroller! 

**Don't forget to register for our Competition on April 22nd! Register Here!

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