February 2, 2017


Looking forward to Saturday! Dust off those running shoes and get ready for a big breakfast!
Yoga/Mobility tonight 6pm, we will take a 2 week break after tonight so get to class! 

Warm Up:
Run 800m
2 Rounds 
10 Jumping Pull Ups 
10 Wall Balls (14/10#)
10 Sumo DL High Pull (45/35#)

Front Squat 
10-8-5-3-3 (work up to 75% of max)

"Short and Fast"
3 Rounds 
AMRAP in 3 min:
10 Front Squats (115/75#)
10 Push Press (115/75#)
Max Row for Calories 
*Rest 2 MIN between each round, score is calories rowed in remaining time! 

**Don't forget to register for our Competition on April 22nd! Register Here!

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