February 21, 2017


Congrats to the winners of our weight loss challenge! Mark lost 16.3 pounds and Lindsey lost 4.3% in body fat! Great job guys! 

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
Row 400m
15 Kettelbell Swings (35/26#)
15 Back Extensions 
10 PVC Pass Thru's and stretches 

Back Squat 
5-5-5-5-5 2 second pause squats 
95/115/135/155/185 men's 
65/75/95/115/135 women's

Barbell Tabata! (this should be fun)
8 intervals of 20 seconds on 10 sec off.... 
Deadlifts (185/155)
Hang Power Clean (135/95#)
Front Squat (85/65#)
Push Press (65/55#)

Complete 8 intervals of a
movement then rest 1 min

**Got to visit my friend Joe at Superhuman CrossFit last week and they are pumped to be in the Festivus Competition here with us on April 22nd! Only a couple days left to get $10 off and a free shirt! Register Here!!!

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