March 22, 2017


Who's getting a muscle up by Summer?? 
We've got the tools, it's up to YOU to take the time to practice! 

Warm Up:
2 Rounds 
10 Tire Flips 
10 Calories Bike
10 Ring Rows 

Muscle Up Practice
Ring or Bar 
*Don't have your pull up yet?? Then use this time to practice Kipping Pull Ups 

21-18-15-12 Reps for time of:
Plyo Push Ups 
Toes to Bar 
Kettlebell Swings (53/35#)

**Miles for March is almost over! Have you been getting those extra runs in??? Shirts should be arriving any day! We will have a male and female winner!!! Don't worry... marathon runner Coach Casie can't win :) 

**Running Club will meet this Saturday 6:45am and we will have the CrossFit workout at 8am! 

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