October 4, 2018


Yoga/Mobility 4pm tonight for 30 min of stretching! 

Warm Up:
Rowing Sprints!
6 Rounds 
100m Sprint 30 second rest in between each! 

3 Rounds 
2 Wall Climbs 
6 Turkish Get Ups (3 each side)

For Time:
Run 1 Mile 
50 Sit Ups 
Run 800m
40 Sit Ups 
Run 400m
30 Sit Ups 
Run 400m

Barbells for Boobs is Saturday 8am! (WEAR PINK!!)
We are $500 to our $1000 Goal!!! THANKS!
Pretty please... DONATE HERE! 
Then join us for the workout "Grace" on Oct 6th

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