November 29, 2018


No Mobility Class Today! 
See ya next Thursday 4pm! 

Warm Up:
Stretch and roll out...

Timed Mile :)
Unless it’s raining then times 1609m row 
Then 2 rounds 
10 Burpees 
10 Jump Squats 
2 Wall Climbs 


No time today score will be reps and length of l-sit hold
3 rounds of:
Max reps of strict pull-ups
Max reps of shoulder presses, 115 / 75 lb.
Max-calorie row in 20 seconds
Max L-sit hold for time (using paralettes or 2 20” boxes)

Start a clock and begin an attempt at each exercise every 3 minutes.
when your attempt is over rest the remainder of the 3 min then begin next exercise. 

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