June 5, 2019


Yoga/Mobility Tomorrow 4pm!
Welcome to Jump Rope June!! 
Here's your chance to get double unders!!! Or just get really good at them! 

Warm Up:
Run 400m
EMOM For 5 Min 
6 DB Hang Snatch (20/15#)
5 Knee To Elbow 

3 Rounds 
Max Double Unders in a row 
6 Man Makers (climb up in weight each round)

AMRAP in 12 Min:
2 DB Power Snatch (50/35#) (total)
20 Mountain Climbers 
4 DB Power Snatch 
20 Mountain Climbers
6 DB Power Snatch 
20 Mountain Climbers
**Keep increasing db snatch by 2 each round until 12 min is up! Let's see how far you can go! 
**Mountain Climbers are 20 total

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